Test your esports knowledge throughout November to win MEGA prizes.

Compete for a next-gen console as well as 99 other prizes by simply completing 60 esports Trivia games throughout the month.

Want to win the top prizes? Then reach the top of the ESG leaderboards! The higher you rank, the bigger your prize.

Bring your ‘A’ game. The more Trivia you answer correctly, the better your chances of winning.

There are absolutely no payments required. This is 100% free-to-play AND free-to-win!


Trivia competition featuring 60 unique quizzes. Players that reach the top rows of the leaderboard earn prizes.


Download the ESG App, play Trivia games and win prizes – all for free. Absolutely no payments required!


You can take part throughout November at your leisure. Two Trivia games will be added daily but none will expire until December.

1 x PS5 OR Xbox Series X

4 x $25 Local Shopping Voucher

10 x $10 Local Shopping Voucher

5 x Gaming Headsets

5 x Gaming Mice

5 x Gaming Keyboards

5 x Computer Monitors

15 x ESG Merchandise

50 x $5 Instant Cash Prizes

How do I take part?

Download, register and launch the ESG app for free and head over to the ‘Trivia Month’ section, where you can check out all the available Trivia games!

How do I win?

Simply play the Trivia games on the app to earn points and climb the Leaderboard – we have loads of awesome prizes available for our players who get the top scores.

How will I find out if I’ve won?

Keep an eye on the Leaderboard, and our prize team will reach out to you via the email address you signed up with if you are a winner. So, make sure you can access and are checking emails!

Do I have to pay anything to take part or claim my winnings?

No! ESG is, and will always be, free to play with no cost to our players!

When does the competition start and finish?

The competition runs from 1st – 30th November.

How many individual Trivia Games will be part of this competition?

There will be 60 total Trivia games to play throughout the month, with 2 new games uploaded daily! Once they’re uploaded, you can play them (and score points from them!) any time before 1st December.

Can I attempt the Trivia questions more than once?

No. You can only play Trivia games once, and cannot use double shots with them.

If I join in the Trivia competition late in the month, can I still win?

Absolutely! You’ll be at no disadvantage at all. Trivia games will be uploaded twice a day and will remain playable until the competition ends. As long as
your gaming knowledge is on point and you lock in your answers before November ends, you have every chance of winning.

How can I download the ESG app?

Download and play for free from

or scan the QR code here

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Test your knowledge and win BIG!
It’s free to play.